my story

Hi I am Emily, a Photographer, Mother and passionate memory keeper. I have been working as a photographer for just over seven years but feel like I am only just now finding my feet and my place in the photography world. It sounds cliché but my experience of motherhood has been the driving force behind my newfound direction. I knew that the time spent away from my little girl had to be worth it, I had to love every second of it. I took my time and started to seek out what was in my heart, what I felt connected to and how I could make a difference in this world.

It was only then I realised my passion, my truth and the reason I picked up a camera in the first place had never changed. My attachment to memories is and has been evident throughout my entire life and having my little girl highlighted this immensely. It is a beautiful thing understanding yourself and being comfortable and content with who you are and what you do.

Moments matter. I am sentimental which I guess is why I ended up here behind the camera. I am a quiet observer, I always have been. Photography has given me a voice and is my way to communicate. To me Photography is magic and I feel so grateful to share it.


 i see life as a series of intricate moments

I photograph People. I capture their truth, their beauty and their story. I feel there is nothing more beautiful than being you and I want to document that. Loud and proud dance-offs in the kitchen with your kids, wrinkled nose laughs, story time in mum and dad’s bed, loving snuggles with your newborn and quiet heart-exploding glances between you and your loved ones is what life is all about. How special it would be to have a record of these times for you and your family. Real, raw and unposed memories.

A session with me is relaxed and free flowing, no cheesy poses and uncomfortable silences.

Who I do it for

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