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faqs + information for family lifestyle sessions

Here are a few regularly asked questions and some information for booking a lifestyle session with me. If there is anything I have missed feel free to contact me: hello@emilyjane.com.au.


i am ready to book. where do i start?

Firstly, I am so excited to meet you and thank you for welcoming me into your world. You can start the ball rolling by heading over here and sending through your details so that we can lock in a date. I will then send you a quote, agreement to sign and a questionnaire. This questionnaire is for me to find out a little more about you and each of your family members that will be at your photo session. It is important for me to have a little insight to your family and dynamic before the day of your session, I want to feel like I know you.

where should i have my session?

I equally love shooting in your home or at a beautiful scenic outdoor location local to you so ultimately it is up to you. Here is some extra information on both session types that may help with your decision:

In-home Sessions

In-home sessions are very sentimental and incorporating your home is very important to me. Your home is the centre of your world. It is where you spend most of your time, it is where your children’s firsts take place, where you laugh, where you cry. Documenting you within your home can be incredibly special, it is your everyday.

In home sessions have a lot more flexibility for time. I usually schedule in-home lifestyle sessions for around 10am in the morning, or 2pm in the afternoon.

I always try to be flexible around nap times and your family's routine, so feel free to let me know the time of day that suits you best and I will endeavour to work around it. Happy babies and kids are my number one priority, so generally straight after their morning nap is a great time to begin our shoot.

Outdoor Sessions

If you would prefer to have an outdoor session, we can certainly go to a favourite place of yours. If you are not sure of a location I have lots of beautiful locations that I can recommend.

I absolutely love shooting outdoor sessions at dusk during golden hour or at sunrise. The light is incredible and can make for some magic images. These times will vary throughout the year.

I do understand that disrupting your little one’s routine can be daunting and sometimes a whirlwind of emotions (for all of us) but I promise the end result will be worth it. You will all have a ball plus you will end up with the most beautiful memories (and light) for your wall.


Regardless of what session you are having I spend the first few minutes getting to know you, your kids and getting to know the area I will be shooting in, especially if it is in your home. I look for bright natural light so I will look for the best possible places for this and centre your session around them.

The rest of the session will be fun and relaxed. I will give you some direction about what to do and where to go in the house but the important thing is to just be you. Interact with your kids, snuggle, tickle, tell jokes, talk about last weekend. Depending on the type of session you are having things may change slightly but ultimately having fun, being comfortable and capturing the real you and your story is what I want you to experience.


My lifestyle newborn sessions are relaxed and free flowing with a focus on simplicity, connection and storytelling. I specialise in natural, honest newborn photography. 

  • If you want sleepy newborn photos then 6-12 days is an ideal time to book your session

  • If you want more interactive photos with your babe's personality shining, then any time up until 12 weeks is great for a newborn session

  • Have a few outfits handy for baby - we can use a few different options throughout your session including wrapped and unwrapped etc

  • I will always attempt to book your session time around the time you think baby will be most settled

  • I allow plenty of time for cuddle breaks and feeds, so we are never rushed

What do we wear?

Ultimately you all need to be comfortable and yourself. Show a little of your personality. Wear your favourite clothes. Some pointers if you are stuck:

  • Focus on complimentary tones, beautiful texture and simplicity so that you can shine in your photographs.

  • Do try to coordinate, but avoid being too matchy.

  • Avoid large brand names on clothing.  These images will be in your family for generations to come and big bright brand names can be extremely distracting in photos.

  • Textures such as linen, cotton, denim, corduroy, silk and lace always photograph beautifully and I love colour just as much as I love natural, muted tones.

  • Mum, start with your outfit first. Decide on what you want to wear and then choose complimentary outfits for everyone else.

These points are just a guide but they will definitely make the process of outfit choice easier for you. Just remember this is your session so let your personal style shine.

What if it is raining?

For outdoor sessions I always keep an eye on the weather radar leading up until the shoot. If it is raining your shoot will be rescheduled. Nobody wants to be cold and wet.

Do you travel?

I work primarily in Brisbane and travel between Northern NSW and the Sunshine Coast. I do love to travel interstate so wherever in Australia you are if you and four of your friends book a session each I will waive travel fees.

I spend a lot of time travelling back to my hometown in The Hunter Valley and release dates and times for photo sessions there every few months.

How do we prepare our house?

The main spaces I shoot in during a session are the master bedroom, the kids rooms and the main living area so these are the areas you should focus on when preparing for your session. I always suggest tidy and decluttered, but, please don't go all Martha Stewart on me. The important thing is not to stress. I love "lived-in" homes.  I love homes with stories and soul.  I want to see the bits and pieces that make up your everyday - favourite toys, blocks, dummies, are important.  When preparing your home for our shoot, it's important that the balance is right for you.

I specialise in HONEST photography and your home should reflect that.  I love a messy bed with a snuggly family lost in the sheets. I love a kids room with their very favourite toys scattered around the place. Again, if you need some guidance you are more than welcome to send me through some images of your spaces for advice before your session.  Ultimately I will only shoot in the areas with the best natural light and I will explain this more once I am in your home and can assess the light.

What happens if we’re sick/you’re sick?

If you're sick, we reschedule. I want you all happy and well for our photoshoot. I make a point not to photograph families, particularly those with new and young babies, if I have even the slightest hint of a cold. If I am unwell, we will also reschedule.

What is your cancellation policy?

You need to cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of session or you will forfeit the $150 retainer and it will serve as a cancellation fee. The fee can be credited towards a future session if you reschedule by contacting me 48 hours prior to the date of the session and re-booking at an agreeable date and time.