Shoot What It Feels Like


Over the years shooting with film has allowed me to slow down whilst capturing the world and it's moments. I love that the whole process, from first capturing the shot to developing, takes time and precision. For many years the darkroom was (and sometimes still is) one of my favourite places to be.

These are a selection of images capturing my most favourite people and places over the last few years. I remember every moment each of these were taken and that is what I love about photography. It connects us to moments that we may otherwise forget.

This project has enabled me to really think about where my passions lie in photography. It is such a massive industry and I found myself drifting to where the work was and compared myself to others instead of immersing myself in what it was I loved. I know now not to do this, to be myself, do the work I love and grow as an individual and as an artist.